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CVS Brent aids the development and delivery of cutting edge community services

CVS Brent is an independent, capacity building organisation, supporting groups providing community services on a not-for-profit basis, on behalf of the local community; particularly those local to Brent.

We contribute to the creation of an independent, trusted and sustainable voluntary, community and social enterprise sector (VCSE); to further develop a thriving civil society. This is achieved through the provision of relevant & high quality services using a mixture of group training, information and guidance. Our goal is local VCSE agencies equipped and able to provide cutting edge local services.

Our Vision

A confident and vibrant borough where individuals, groups and communities work together to enrich society.

Our Mission

To support individuals and organisations in Brent to have the capacity to respond to the needs of, and deliver the aspirations of their communities, through voluntary action.


CVS Brent will be supporting VCSE organisations to do more to explore enterprise opportunities and generate greater income to help with offsetting the growing costs of services.

CVS Brent is here for VCSE agencies who:

Are actively seeking to better themselves and their ability to deliver services

Are actively seeking to better their community

Want to better position themselves for securing local government contracts, and

other forms of funding; including grants to deliver local services

Our Team

Funmi Adewodu
Finance Admin
Reehan Mirza
Engagement / Projects Officer
Fuad Uddin
Development Officer
Darren Thomas
Capacity Building / Projects Officer
Tessa Awe
Admin Support
Dipti Bhatt
Research Associate
Charlie Fernandes
Project Support Officer
Steve Fahey
Technical Partner
Tau Roberts
SIBI Coordinator