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Social Involvement in Brent Initiative (SIBI) aims to tackle loneliness and social isolation for Brent residents.

Research shows that loneliness damages physical health as much as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Added to that is the more well-known impact on mental health such as depression and anxiety. Local services are also impacted as people are driven by loneliness to attend GPs, A&E and other services.

SIBI signposts people who are isolated to the wealth of clubs, groups, classes and activities in Brent. We talk with people about their interests, whether that’s art, sport, music, going to a lunch club or playing dominos. From a regularly updated list of 1,100 activities in Brent we suggest several activities in the local community. We can also signpost to other resources to help tackle underlying issues such as transport, counselling or peer support.

Contact SIBI if you:

  • are feeling isolated or know someone who is (fill in a referral form or referral form for Adult Social Care),
  • have a social activity to include on our database,
  • can volunteer to reduce isolation – at SIBI we’re looking for volunteers to phone people who are isolated and to help update our database of community activities.


Download our factsheets:


SIBI is funded by Brent Adult Social Care and Brent Public Health.


Michael Stuart
SIBI Coordinator
0741 531 5998
020 3011 1699